Methane emissions from B.C.’s natural gas sector represent a gap in B.C.’s current climate policy framework.

Managing methane emissions from B.C.’s gas sector What’s needed for a strong B.C. Climate Leadership Plan? — Part 2

Feb. 24, 2016 11:00pm Online webinar - Public event

On February 25, 2016, the Pembina Institute hosted the second of four webinars in a series focusing on the forthcoming B.C. Climate Leadership Plan.

Webinar 2 kicked off with an overview of methane emissions in B.C. and the relevant Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations. Presenters offered insight into the potential for reducing these emissions and perspectives from Alberta and the U.S.

The speakers were Matt Horne and Chris Severson-Baker of the Pembina Institute; David Keane, president of the B.C. LNG Alliance; and Drew Nelson, senior manager for natural gas at the‎ Environmental Defense Fund. (Both Horne and Keane were members of the Climate Leadership Team.) Institute analyst Maximilian Kniewasser moderated the discussion.

During the webinar, Horne presented a table summarizing methane regulations across major gas producing jurisdictions in North America. For more information on the table, see the backgrounder produced by Kniewasser.

Last week, the Pembina Institute released its formal submission for the B.C. government’s second consultation period toward the Climate Leadership Plan. The institute supports the Climate Leadership Team's recommendation that the province implement best practice methane abatement requirements for the oil and gas sector to align B.C. with leading North American jurisdictions.

The submission also calls attention to the need for improved methane reporting in B.C. "Evidence suggests that methane emissions in B.C. are currently underreported," the submission states. "Therefore, we recommend the province evaluate its efforts to measure methane emissions so that emission abatement efforts can be prioritized effectively."

On March 10, Webinar 3 will look at strengthening the carbon tax, with perspectives from the development community and local government. Register today.

The Pembina Institute is grateful for support from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, Schein Foundation, Sitka Foundation and Vancity for this webinar series.

Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia Sitka Foundation Vancity

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