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Heat Seeking: Alberta's geothermal industry potential and barriers Presented by the Pembina Institute and ACTia

Dec. 18, 2017 11:00am MOUNTAIN TIME webinar - Public event

Geothermal energy is an amazing fit in Alberta, given our history of oil and gas development. Our webinar discussed this nascent industry and the findings in the research report: Heat Seeking; Alberta's geothermal industry potential and barriers.

Blog: The missing pieces in Alberta's geothermal puzzle

Quick facts

  • Alberta may have as much as 389 gigawatts (GW) of geothermal energy capacity that could be developed – 24 times more than the province’s current electricity generation capacity.
  • As many as 60,935 of Alberta’s oil and gas wells may be useable for geothermal energy production.
  • Alberta may be able to use data from the province’s 600,000 existing well bores to identify the size and location of geothermal resources.

Presenters:      Aletta Leitch, University of Edinburgh & Visiting Fellow, Pembina Institute

Sean Collins, President, Terrapin Geothermics

Nathan Cole, Senior Policy Manager, Canadian Geothermal Energy Association

Moderator:    Jason Switzer, ED, Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance


Suzy Thompson
Communications Lead, Pembina Institute


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