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Embodied carbon & deep retrofits

A Reframed Tech Series webinar

The Pembina Institute, in association with the Reframed Initiative, presents the Reframed Tech Series — webinars on evolving deep retrofit solutions.

As we respond to the climate emergency, it is important to acknowledge that carbon emissions are not limited to the operational life of a building. The emissions associated with the manufacturing, transportation, construction, and end-of-life phases of building materials, systems, and assemblies — commonly referred to as embodied carbon — also need to be taken into account by retrofit projects. (Download a primer on embodied carbon and deep retrofits.)

Watch our fifth webinar to hear from leaders in embodied carbon and retrofit solutions. Learn about novel ideas and projects underway, and hear about the opportunities and challenges of implementing embodied carbon solutions in building retrofits.


  • Anthony Pak, principal, Priopta
  • Lindsay Rasmussen, program manager, Architecture 2030
  • Graeme Stewart, principal, ERA Architects

Moderator: Ghazal Ebrahimi, senior analyst, Pembina Institute

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Reframed Tech Series

Reframed is an initiative of the BC Non-Profit Housing Association, the City of Vancouver, and the Pembina Institute. We're working to scale up deep retrofits for healthy, safe, and low-carbon housing. This is an opportunity for companies to showcase innovation and get in on the ground floor of a market transformation. Learn more: reframedinitiative.org

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