Cities Accelerating Change

Mar. 5, 2018  2:30pm - 4:00pm CKUA Building, 9808 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alberta workshop - Public event

The Cities Accelerating Change event will provide city leaders from Alberta and delegates from the Cities and Climate Change Science Conference with insights on the four key areas that most efficiently reduce emissions within a city.

Experts from McKinsey & Company and Rocky Mountain Institute will share their research and then, together with the Pembina Institute, dive into exploring opportunities for the participants to put the research into practice in their city. Topics will include buildings, transportation, electricity generation, and waste. Participants will also have a chance to share their experiences with creating stronger cities by addressing emissions and leading the change to a low carbon future, with local, national and international examples.

This event is free and registration is not required, but helps the organization of the session.


  • Jacob Corvidae, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Angela Son, McKinsey & Company
  • Sara Hastings-Simon, Pembina Institute

Other events

More events around the Cities and Climate Change Science Conference will take place at the Change for Climate–EPCOR Stage at the Shaw Conference Centre, 9797 Jasper Ave.

All events are open to the public; registration is not required, but helps the organization of the sessions.

Some of the March 5 events at the Change for Climate–EPCOR Stage

10:00 - Science of Climate Change, with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

12:00 - Keynote: The Hard Work of Hope: Water & Climate Security in a Warming World, with Bob Sandford

16:30 - Alberta Prepares for Climate Change, with Dr. Katherine Hayhoe and George Marshall

17:45 - Youth Voices for Climate Action

In addition, the Change for Climate Solutions Showcase at the Shaw Conference Centre will highlight providers and organizations working on renewables, energy efficiency and clean tech services.

Supported by the Government of Alberta, Emmissions Reduction Alberta


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