Setting intentions for B.C.'s next climate strategyPresented by the Pembina Institute

Jul. 25, 2018 11:00am PDT Online webinar - Public event

An overview and our initial assessment

In the wake of the B.C. government’s release of intentions papers for the building, transportation, and industrial sectors for consultation, the Pembina Institute will host two webinars to help inform this important conversation. This is Webinar 1.

Update: Read the Pembina Institute's submissions on the clean growth intentions papers.




  • Maximilian Kniewasser, director, B.C. climate policy program, Pembina Institute 
  • Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, director, buildings and urban solutions program, Pembina Institute 
  • Jeremy Moorhouse, senior analyst, Clean Energy Canada 


  • Karen Tam Wu, B.C. managing director, Pembina Institute; member, Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council

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