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Tom Holloway is a finance professor at the University of Calgary where he also supervises a student-run investment fund and several other applied initiatives. He has been a capital markets professional since 2006 as a trader, fixed income specialist, and Portfolio Manager.

Tom works with both individual clients and non-profit organizations to build insight on how they manage their investment portfolios. He is passionate about technology, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and corporate finance fundamentals.

Tom lives in Calgary, Alberta with his family of five (plus the dog), where they enjoy bike rides, campfires, skating, skiing, and playing in the snow. Here is how he describes himself:

“Creative and entrepreneurial investment professional with heart and energy. Always looking to drive team value with new ideas, mentorship, and connecting people. Passion for capital markets, governance, and teaching. Let's experiment, then make careful choices to grow well and help others.”

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