Tahra JuttDirector, Clean Economy (B.C.)

Tahra Jutt is the director of the clean economy program in B.C. at the Pembina Institute, Canada’s leading clean energy think-tank. Her work focuses on policies that contribute to a thriving energy sector and reduce carbon pollution.

She brings with her a wealth of experience from the clean technology sector, specifically in low-carbon transportation and alternative fuels. Having worked to advance new and early-stage clean technologies in Canada and the United States, Tahra has a background in strategy, government and regulatory affairs, and sustainable energy issues. She holds a bachelor of arts in geography from the University of British Columbia and a master of environment and business from the University of Waterloo.


Tahra Jutt's Recent Publications

cover of Carbon intensity of blue hydrogen

Carbon intensity of blue hydrogen production Accounting for technology and upstream emissions

Aug. 12, 2021 - By Jan Gorski, Karen Tam Wu, Tahra Jutt

As Canada moves ahead with national strategies to achieve net-zero by 2050, hydrogen is a key element in the plan. New research shows that the climate benefits of blue hydrogen vary widely. Made with natural gas using carbon capture and storage to reduce emissions, the carbon footprint of blue hydrogen depends on the extraction and transportation method of the natural gas, and the production methods used to separate hydrogen from methane.

Setting a course to Canada’s clean hydrogen economy Hydrogen must be low carbon to help in climate fight

Feb. 22, 2021 - By Tahra Jutt

The best use of hydrogen is in hard-to-decarbonize sectors where electrification isn’t a good fit.

Action plan

A resilient economy and safe climate: Our vision for B.C. B.C. needs a plan to achieve net-zero by 2050

Oct. 2, 2020 - By Karen Tam Wu, Tahra Jutt, Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, Stephen Hui

Protecting the health of British Columbians, building a resilient economy, and taking strong action on climate change are different pieces of the same puzzle.

Action plan

Rebuilding a Resilient B.C. Action plan for economic recovery

July 23, 2020 - By Karen Tam Wu, Tahra Jutt, Tom-Pierre Frappé-Sénéclauze, Carolyn Kim

B.C. is being commended for its deft navigation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now B.C. has another opportunity to show leadership — by rebuilding the economy to ensure our province’s future resilience.

New North Van hydrogen fuelling station a positive step forward Re: First North Shore Hydrogen Fuelling Station Opens, July 1 news story

July 20, 2020 - By Tahra Jutt

North Vancouver’s new hydrogen fuelling station [at Westview Shopping Centre] represents a positive step in expanding the types of zero-emission vehicles available in the region.


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