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Portrait of Sara Hastings-Simon

Dr. Hastings-Simon serves on the Pembina Institute's board of directors. She is a professor in the department of physics and astronomy and school of public policy at the University of Calgary where she directs the Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy Development. She is a macro energy system researcher and her work is focused on understanding how low-carbon energy transitions happen at the intersection of technology, business, and policy, and how policy responses can improve outcomes.

Sara is co-founder and co-host of Energy vs Climate, a webinar and podcast that explores the energy transition in Alberta, Canada, and beyond. She is also an expert member of the panel for Clean Growth with the Canadian Climate Choices Institute, and a member of the board of directors of Emissions Reduction Alberta and the Pembina Institute.
Her previous roles include Director of Clean Economy at the Pembina Institute, founder of Business Renewable Centre Canada, and practice manager for Clean Technologies at McKinsey & Company. Dr. Hastings-Simon holds a PhD in physics from the University of Geneva.

Sara Hastings-Simon's Recent Publications

Ontario's economic investment outlook dims with new government energy actions

Op-ed Aug. 13, 2018- By Silvio Marcacci, Sara Hastings-Simon

Ontario’s government framed its reversal of carbon pricing and clean energy programs as an attempt to “save the little guy” — but it may have inadvertently thrown its economy in reverse while losing jobs and costing consumers.

How a price on carbon reduces emissions

Publication Aug. 8, 2018- By Sara Hastings-Simon, Steven Cretney

By making polluters pay, a price on carbon pollution kickstarts behaviour changes and innovation. A well-designed price on carbon pollution ensures that as the price increases, so does the number of options to lower your footprint. There are many possible solutions across sectors; this infographic looks at three areas — transportation, heating, and electricity.

Breaking it down: how carbon pricing addresses climate change

Blog Aug. 8, 2018- By Sara Hastings-Simon

Pollution isn’t free. There is a real cost to the environment and our health when someone — an individual or a business — pollutes, leaving the air, water, or land less clean for everyone.

What’s really needed to create jobs and improve life for Ontarians An environment and transportation agenda for the incoming leadership

Blog June 28, 2018- By Lindsay Wiginton, Sara Hastings-Simon

These are worthy aspirations, ones that we share, but so far we’re seeing a push for changes that could end up being more costly for Ontarians.

Alberta’s current carbon pricing plan is a big improvement from days gone by SGER or CCIR? The difference matters

Blog June 18, 2018- By Sara Hastings-Simon

Alberta likes to say it's had a carbon price since 2007. While technically this is true under the old Specified Gas Emitters Regulation, that system pales in comparison to the carbon pricing system currently in place.


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