Margret NellisseryAnalyst, Business Renewables Centre-Canada

Portrait of Margret Nellissery

Margret is an analyst with Business Renewables Centre-Canada, an initiative of the Pembina Institute. She recently completed her master's in sustainable energy development from the University of Calgary. As a graduate student, she worked with the Government of the Northwest Territories to formulate a climate adaptation inventory focusing on strengthening the territory's energy and transportation system. Prior to her master's, she worked with Greenpeace India, where she assisted and designed many of the NGO's outreach and funding initiatives.

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Margret Nellissery's Recent Publications

Solar farm in the snow

Neither snow nor...smoke will stop solar panels from delivering energy Business Renewables Centre-Canada looks at solar electricity generation in bad weather

Blog March 28, 2024- By Margret Nellissery
How does snow and smoke impact electricity generation from solar photovoltaics systems? Not as much as you might think, says research from around the world.


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