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Chandan is an analyst in the Pembina Institute's transportation program and is based in Vancouver. He recently completed his PhD in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University. He has a master's degree in energy economics and policy from University College London and a master's in renewable energy systems from Loughborough University, U.K. As a part of his thesis, he developed a LDV adoption model to simulate the long-term impacts of transport policies in Canada.

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Chandan Bhardwaj's Recent Publications

Electric vehicles at charging station.

The electric vehicle sales regulation explained How mandating quotas for zero-emitting vehicles sold in Canada benefits everyone, even if you’re not a driver

Blog March 15, 2023- By Chandan Bhardwaj, Sarah McBain
The answers to these 10 questions show that mandating quotas for the number of zero-emitting vehicles sold in Canada benefits everyone, even if you’re not a driver.

Decarbonizing medium- and heavy-duty vehicles Fact sheet series

Publication March 7, 2023- By Sarah McBain, Chandan Bhardwaj
With transportation as the second biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, the need to transition to electrified means of moving people and goods is increasingly urgent. A new series of factsheets provides a snapshot of how to shift from fossil fuels to zero-emitting (electric) trucks and buses.


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