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Chandan is a senior analyst in the Pembina Institute's transportation program and is based in Vancouver. He recently completed his PhD in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University. He has a master's degree in energy economics and policy from University College London and a master's in renewable energy systems from Loughborough University, U.K. As a part of his thesis, he developed a LDV adoption model to simulate the long-term impacts of transport policies in Canada.

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Chandan Bhardwaj's Recent Publications

Cover of Canada’s Pathway to Net-Zero for Trucks and Buses with truck on highway

Canada’s Pathway to Net-Zero for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses The drive to clean transportation in 2040

Publication Nov. 1, 2023- By Carolyn Kim, Adam Thorn, Chandan Bhardwaj, Sarah McBain
The Pembina Institute’s ZeroX2040 strategy provides guidance on how Canada can get on track to transition the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sector to zero-emission vehicles and offers actionable policy recommendations that will enable the federal government to achieve its climate goals.
Electric school bus at a school

Turning yellow school buses green could be the kickstart the auto industry needs Ontario can score a win for climate and the economy by using its automotive hub to drive growth in electric buses

Op-ed Sept. 5, 2023- By Chandan Bhardwaj
After a summer of raging wildfires linked to climate change, and in a province that is the automotive hub of the country, Ontario can and should do much more to accelerate the electrification of heavy buses and trucks. And investing in the electrification of school buses is a good place to start - of all the classes and sub-classes of large vehicles, school buses are one of the easiest to electrify.
Cover of Power Boost with electric school buses at chargers

Power Boost Electric school buses and the revitalization of small- and medium-size businesses in Ontario’s auto industry

Publication Aug. 24, 2023- By Chandan Bhardwaj, Donald Jantz, Priyanka Lloyd
Ontario’s medium- and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing sector is well situated to take advantage of an industry in transition given the province’s well-established infrastructure and labour force. Our new report shows that accelerating the electrification of school buses can be done cost effectively, help revitalize small- and medium-size businesses in the heavy-duty auto sector, lower carbon emissions, and make a meaningful contribution to positive health outcomes.
Cover of British Columbia’s Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero- Emission Vehicles

British Columbia’s Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero- Emission Vehicles 2023 Consultation Paper Pembina Institute comments and recommendations

Publication Aug. 8, 2023- By Chandan Bhardwaj, Sarah McBain, Adam Thorn
The Pembina Institute supports the B.C. government’s intent to legislate requirements that will advance the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. However, the key features of the proposed policy do not make sufficient allowance for the variability in market readiness to transition to zero-emission among trucks and buses, nor does it adequately address the need for more charging and refuelling infrastructure.
Cover of Municipal Role in Transportation with transit bus and buildings

The Municipal Role In Transportation

Publication April 27, 2023- By Carolyn Kim, Chandan Bhardwaj, Adam Thorn, others
With the right policies and support from higher orders of government, municipalities can make their transportation networks more efficient and reduce emissions. This report builds on literature to examine the current role of Canadian municipalities in transportation and how higher levels of government can support them. The findings and recommendations of this report will help inform future decision-making and policy-making related to transportation across all orders of government in Canada.


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