Supporting climate action has never been more critical

In 2016, Canada saw its first truly national climate plan: The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. It also saw remarkable progress towards the international commitments outlined in the landmark Paris climate deal. But with tectonic shifts underway in the global political landscape, it is crucial that Canada stay the course on climate action. We need to implement our hard-won policy commitments with integrity, and demonstrate climate leadership on the world stage.

By contributing to the Pembina Institute you can help to ensure the Trudeau government follows through with its climate commitments: shaping, defining and implementing policies that will achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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The final version of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change reflected many recommendations made by the Pembina Institute. Here are the highlights:

Carbon pricing

The Framework’s top achievement is its commitment to introduce an economy-wide, national carbon price. Flexible compliance options allow each province 
or territory to implement either a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system. The Pembina Institute will play an important role in ensuring successful implementation of carbon pricing systems across the country, while working to maintain public support for what economists and CEOs agree is the best tool for fighting climate change and creating clean energy jobs.

Coal-fired power

Through detailed research and analysis into the health impacts of coal-fired power, the Pembina Institute built up awareness and political pressure in support of the need for an accelerated national phase-out. The Framework committed to accelerate the coal phase-out to 2030 and reach a national target of 90% zero-carbon electricity in that same year. The Pembina Institute will continue to build diverse coalitions of support for the coal phase-out commitment and advocate for a clear policy roadmap to ensure this commitment is implemented effectively.

Clean fuel standard

The most innovative and unexpected policy
 commitment in the Framework was the national
 clean fuel standard. The Government of Canada 
estimates it could reduce greenhouse gas
emissions by 30 megatonnes – representing
14% of total emissions to be reduced by 2030,
 more than any other policy in the Framework.
 It will cover fossil fuels combusted in the 
transportation, building and industrial sectors
 – and would be the first policy of its kind in the
 world. The Pembina Institute’s history of working
 collaboratively with the oil and gas, transportation
 and building sectors gives us the network and convening capabilities to help negotiate consensus around critical design issues of the clean fuel standard.

Transforming buildings

The Framework commits to developing a “net-zero ready” building code for new construction by 2030. Net-zero buildings produce as much energy as they consume and are a critical part of Canada’s plan. Together with regional and industry partners, we’re working with all levels of government to ensure Canada successfully transforms its building stock and creates new jobs in the growing energy efficiency sector.

Oil and gas regulations

Methane emissions account for 25% of the global warming we are experiencing today, so it’s crucially important to reduce this potent greenhouse gas now. Fortunately it’s cheap to do so,
 and creates Canadian jobs that can be exported globally. The Framework commits to reducing 
oil and gas methane emissions by 40-45% by 2025, together with the U.S. and Mexico. As the leading environmental voice on methane emissions, the Pembina Institute helped secure Canada’s reduction target. Now we must meet it, and for that the Pembina Institute needs to rally and lead environmental and industry voices to support the development of strong and effective methane regulations.

Why the Pembina Institute is a thought leader

Pembina Institute staff at the 2016 Net-Zero Buildings Thought Leader Forum

With the federal policy commitments in place, this is a time when the world needs 
a compelling and credible global voice to champion clean economic development and the long-term opportunities presented by the transition away from fossil fuels. We need action. By supporting the Pembina Institute, you will help Canada develop as a responsible, economically robust and technologically advanced global leader on clean energy and climate.

While much of the Pembina Institute’s annual revenue is restricted in use by grants or fee-for-service research work, gifts ensure the Pembina Institute can seize critical opportunities for climate and clean energy solutions as they arise.

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