Past Events

Affordable housing renewal: Retrofits at scale Hosted by the Pembina Institute

Oct. 10, 2017  - Vancouver, B.C.
workshop - Invitation only

The Pembina Institute will host a workshop for leaders from the social housing and retrofit sectors.

2017 Alberta Climate Summit Seizing innovation and opportunity in a low-carbon economy

Sep. 28, 2017  - Calgary, Alberta
conference - Public event

This year’s event will showcase the innovation and opportunities around clean energy that are already underway in Alberta.

Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta 2017 Hosted by Blue Green Canada

Sep. 27, 2017  - Calgary
conference - Public event

BlueGreen Canada is hosting a conference on how to create the conditions for successful transitions for impacted workers and communities, with the Pembina Institute participating. This event will take place in Calgary, the day before the Pembina Institute's Alberta Climate Summit.

Weathering Extremes Hosted by Okanagan Basin Water Board

Sep. 8, 2017  - West Kelowna, B.C
panel - Public event

Maximilian Kniewasser, director of the B.C. Climate Policy Program at the Pembina Institute, will give the keynote speech at the annual public meeting of the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

Oil: Back to the Future Hosted by Student Energy Summit 2017

Jun. 14, 2017  - Merida, Mexico
conference - Public event

Join Julia-Maria Becker, Senior Analyst at the Pembina Institute at the Student Energy Summit 2017 in Merida, Mexico. Find more information 


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