Past Events

Alberta Energy Efficiency Summit Hosted by the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance

May. 16, 2018 to May. 17, 2018  - Calgary, Alberta
conference - Public event

The AEEA is working with Energy Efficiency Alberta to host the Alberta Energy Efficiency Summit on May 16 and 17, 2018. This event will offer delegates a forum to collaborate, learn, network, and receive insights into the latest trends in energy efficiency.

Energy Disruptors: Unite 2018 Presented by the International Disruptors of Energy Alliance

May. 15, 2018 to May. 16, 2018  - Calgary, Alberta
conference - Public event

Leaders from the entire energy spectrum – oil and gas, transportation, electricity and consumption – will come together over this two-day conference.

Global Clean Tech Trends Advice for Alberta's Entrepreneurs

May. 16, 2018  - Calgary, Alberta
reception - Public event

Canadian clean technology is a critical ingredient in how our oil and gas and power sectors will succeed in the global transition to a low-carbon, low footprint future. On the shoulder of Energy Disruptors Unite, ACTia is convening a breakfast panel, May 16.

Mid-Sized Cities Researcher + Practitioner Roundtable Hosted by Evergreen

May. 16, 2018  - London, Ontario
workshop - Invitation only

Lindsay Wiginton, transportation and urban solutions director, is moderating the panel "Sustainable Transit Oriented Development". 

Sources of Knowledge Forum Shaping the Future of the Saugeen Peninsula

May. 4, 2018 to May. 6, 2018  - Tobermory, Ontario
conference - Public event

Carolyn Kim, a director on the transportation and urban solutions team at the Pembina Institute, will be giving a presentation on "The Future of Mobility on the Peninsula." 


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