Past Events

2018 South Pacific Passive House Conference Presented by Australian Passive House Association and Passive House Institute New Zealand

May. 4, 2018 to May. 5, 2018  - Melbourne, Australia
conference - Public event

Karen Tam Wu, acting B.C. director at the Pembina Institute, will be a keynote speaker at the 2018 South Pacific Passive House Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Une solution structurante pour le corridor Montréal-Québec? Présenté par la Maison du développement durable

May. 1, 2018  - Montreal, Quebec
panel - Public event

Lindsay Wiginton, director of the Transportation and Urban Solutions Program at the Pembina Institute, will take part in a panel discussion focusing on high-frequency rail as a possible solution for the Montreal–Quebec corridor.

Why Mid-Sized Cities Will Be Sustainability Leaders Presented by Mayor Goldring's Inspire Burlington

Apr. 25, 2018  - Burlington, Ontario
reception - Public event

Glen Murray, executive director of the Pembina Institute, will give a keynote speech as part of Mayor Goldring's Inspire Burlington speakers' series.

12th annual B.C. Power Symposium Presented by the Canadian Institute

Apr. 11, 2018  - Vancouver, B.C.
conference - Public event

CI Energy Group’s 12th annual B.C. Power Symposium connects industry and government leaders and illuminates B.C.’s evolving power sector.

Panel Discussion: Connecting a cleaner environment to a stronger democracy Presented by Public Interest Alberta

Apr. 6, 2018  - Edmonton, Alberta
panel - Public event

Public Interest Alberta's 12th annual advocacy conference will explore such important topics as climate change, reconciliation, democracy and tax revenue.


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