Federal Environmental and Regulatory ReviewsPembina Institute comments on Government of Canada discussion paper

Publication - Aug. 29, 2017 - By Erin Flanagan, Lindsay Wiginton

In this letter, we present our comments on the discussion paper with a focus on the proposed reforms to the way that major energy projects are reviewed and regulated. This includes reforms to the NEB Act and to important aspects of the federal EA process, which are closely linked.

A great deal of study, participation and dialogue has been undertaken by participants (1,200 in-person participants with the NEB Panel alone), Expert Panel members and the government to get to where we are today. As the government’s discussion paper highlights, major points of consensus have emerged about the specific problems that the forthcoming legislative reform can address. Workable and innovative solutions are on the table. The work now before us collectively is to ensure the best of these solutions are implemented and that this immense opportunity to restore trust in federal institutions and establish a project review process aligned with the challenges of the 21st century does not go to waste.


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