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Edmonton’s Energy TransitionDiscussion Paper

Published April 15, 2013 by Pembina Institute, HB Lanarc

As part of the implementation of the City of Edmonton’s environmental strategic plan, The Way We Green, the City is exploring what it would take to make its energy supply and use more sustainable over the long term, more resilient to possible disturbances, and carbon neutral (no net greenhouse gas emissions).

This discussion paper is the result of a project to:

  • research the potential energy- and climate-related challenges that Edmonton may face in the future.
  • develop a possible ‘energy/climate future’ for Edmonton.
  • identify different ways to carry out an energy transition for Edmonton and avoid possible future energy challenges.
  • model the potential impact of each energy transition option on energy use and GHG emissions in Edmonton.

The paper also includes recommendations for an energy transition plan for Edmonton.

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