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Clean Electricity in Alberta

Thought Leader Forum: A Made-in-Alberta Proposal to Green the Grid

Clean Electricity in Alberta

Published July 23, 2013

By Tim Weis, Benjamin Thibault, Duncan Kenyon

On May 21, 2013, Pembina Institute hosted the Clean Electricity Thought Leader Forum to discuss a greenhouse gas emissions-intensity performance standard for the electricity sector in Alberta.

Key issues to watch in federal oil and gas climate regulations

Published June 24, 2013

By Clare Demerse, P.J. Partington

In April 2013, the Pembina Institute published a report outlining the key features of a credible greenhouse gas regulation for Canada’s oil and gas sector. This backgrounder updates our initial report in response to new information revealed in media reports, and highlights issues to watch as regulations are announced.

Climate change and the 2013 British Columbia election

Published May 7, 2013

By Matt Horne, Josha MacNab, Kevin Sauvé

An assessment of climate change issues in political platforms reveals clear distinctions between British Columbia’s four major parties. The assessment looks at the following four election issues with implications for climate change and the province’s ability to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets: liquefied natural gas (LNG), oil pipelines, the carbon tax and green jobs.

Strengthening Alberta’s greenhouse gas regulations

Published April 19, 2013

By Simon Dyer

Alberta’s Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER) is due for renewal in 2014, and the Government of Alberta is currently considering revisions to the regulation. A stronger SGER would help Alberta reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhance social license to operate for sectors, such as the oilsands, that face continued scrutiny of environmental performance.

This briefing note outlines the Pembina Institute's perspective on how Alberta needs to strengthen its greenhouse gas regulations.

Getting on Track for 2020

Recommendations for greenhouse gas regulations in Canada’s oil and gas sector

Getting on Track for 2020

Published April 2, 2013

By Matt Horne, Clare Demerse, P.J. Partington

This report provides recommendations about the design and environmental ambition of regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas production and processing in Canada.

Carbon Pricing Approaches

In oil and gas producing jurisdictions

Carbon Pricing Approaches

Published Feb. 25, 2013

By Matt Horne, P.J. Partington

Carbon pricing is increasingly being implemented around the world as policymakers seek to drive innovation and cut greenhouse gas emissions at lowest cost. In this report, we explore the details of these systems in Alberta, British Columbia, California, Australia, Norway, and the European Union. 

Competing in Clean Energy

Capitalizing on Canadian innovation in a $3 trillion economy

Competing in Clean Energy

Published Jan. 22, 2013

By Dan Woynillowicz, Penelope Comette, Ed Whittingham

What will it take for Canada to become a clean energy super power? The clean technology sector has emerged as a major driver of innovation and employment growth in Canada. But, if you ask the experts, federal policy and access to capital are still major barriers to a thriving clean energy industry in Canada. 

Clearing the air on oilsands emissions

The facts about greenhouse gas pollution from oilsands development

Clearing the air on oilsands emissions

Published Nov. 23, 2012

By Jennifer Grant, Marc Huot

This backgrounder provides an overview of how oilsands production and expansion contributes to greenhouse gas pollution and climate change.

Behind the Wheel Infographic

Opportunities for Canadians to drive less, reduce pollution and save money

This infographic examines opportunities that Canadians have to reduce the impacts of their driving habits, thus lightening their load on the environment and saving fuel costs.

British Columbians’ perspectives on global warming and the carbon tax

Published Oct. 19, 2012

By Matt Horne, Kevin Sauvé, Tom Pedersen

This backgrounder summarizes the polling results of over 1000 British Columbians' opinions on global warming and the carbon tax commissioned by the Pembina Institute and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and conducted by Strategic Communications Inc. in July of 2012.

Local climate action in British Columbia: motivations and policy impacts

Published Sept. 20, 2012

By Claire Beckstead, Timothy Shah

Six case studies and a powerpoint summary examining the motives behind 12 local government infrastructure projects in British Columbia that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, positively influenced by provincial policies.

Pembina Institute recommendations for B.C.’s carbon tax review

Published Aug. 31, 2012

By Matt Horne, P.J. Partington, Timothy Shah

Looking forward to 2013 and beyond, the Pembina Institute recommends four changes to improve the fairness and effectiveness of the carbon tax. This document is our formal submission to British Columbia's carbon tax review.

British Columbia’s Carbon Tax

Exploring perspectives and seeking common ground

British Columbia’s Carbon Tax

Published June 25, 2012

By Matt Horne, EMRG, P.J. Partington

Results of interviews with sector representatives in B.C. over the impacts of the provincial carbon tax and its future design.

Climate Leadership Ensures a Better Future

An Open Letter to the Citizens of British Columbia:

Climate Leadership Ensures a Better Future

Published Dec. 19, 2011

By David Suzuki Foundation, Pembina Institute, Tides Canada

Recently, the International Energy Agency warned that we have fewer than five years left to act if we are to avoid irreversible climate change. We, the undersigned, believe our government has both an obligation and an opportunity to reduce our carbon emissions.

We continue to add signatories to the letter. If you are interested in signing the letter on behalf of your business, please email Matt Horne with your name, the business you represent and your contact information.

Responsible Action?

An assessment of Alberta's greenhouse gas policies

Responsible Action?

Published Dec. 16, 2011

By Matthew Bramley, Simon Dyer, Marc Huot, Matt Horne

This report provides a detailed evaluation of Alberta's current regulations and financial incentives to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and identifies key opportunities for the Government of Alberta to strengthen its approach to climate change.

Evaluation of the Government of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policies

Prepared for the Climate Change Performance Index 2012

Evaluation of the Government of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policies

Published Dec. 6, 2011

By P.J. Partington, Matthew Bramley

This evaluation was prepared by the Pembina Institute as input to the Climate Change Performance Index 2012. The index, published by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe, ranks countries' performance in controlling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Full information on the index, including countries' rankings, is available here.

Recommendations for Quebec's draft cap-and-trade regulations

Published Sept. 16, 2011

By Matt Horne, P.J. Partington

The Pembina Institute supports Quebec's efforts to put a price on carbon and there are some strong elements to Quebec's draft regulations. However, our assessment against the objectives of effectiveness, comprehensiveness, fairness, and transparency raises some concerns. We see a number of opportunities to improve the draft regulations that would produce better environmental outcomes and improve public support for the final system.

Is natural gas a climate change solution for Canada?

Published July 14, 2011

By Matthew Bramley

This in-depth study, prepared by the Pembina Institute and the David Suzuki Foundation, explores the significance, benefits and impacts of the recent surge in natural gas production in North America, particularly in light of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change.

Measuring British Columbians’ perspectives on climate change and carbon taxes

Published June 30, 2011

By Matt Horne

The questions and responses used to measure British Columbians' opinions about the carbon tax.

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