Power for the FutureTowards A Sustainable Electricity System for Ontario

Publication - May 1, 2004 - By Mark S. Winfield, Theresa McClenaghan, Roger Peters, Matt Horne

This study examines the potential contributions of energy efficiency policies and low-impact renewable energy sources to meeting future electricity demand in Ontario. The study finds that grid demand could be reduced by nearly 50% relative to business as usual projections through a combination of energy efficiency and demand response programs, fuel switching, and increased cogeneration. The remaining grid demand could be met through a combination of new low-impact renewable energy sources and combined cycle natural gas generating facilities.

The study finds that although an investment of over $18 billion would be required to achieve the energy efficiency savings that it identifies, energy consumers would recover 96% of this investment through reduced energy costs.Providing the same amount of energy through the construction of new nuclear generating facilities would have a capital cost of over $32 billion.


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