Major Fossil Fuel Projects in Northern British ColumbiaResource Development in the North

Publication - Oct. 12, 2006 - By Karen Campbell

Major Fossil Fuel Projects in northern British Columbia provides information on the impacts of resource development in northern BC. This fact sheet is one of a series on oil and gas issues developed as a resource for participants of the 2006 workshops, "Protecting Our Land: Resource Development in Aboriginal Communities".

Resource Development in the North Fact Sheets

The complete series includes:

  1. Coalbed Methane in British Columbia
  2. Cumulative Effects of Oil and Gas Development
  3. How Oil, Gas & Pipelines Can Impact Fish
  4. Major Fossil Fuel Projects in northern British Columbia
  5. Oil and Gas Development and Your Right to Participate
  6. Oilsands Development and Climate Change - Implications for Canadians
  7. Who Protects the Land? Compliance Issues for Oil & Gas in British Columbia
  8. Renewable and Alternative Energy Options for British Columbia
  9. Pipelines, Tankers and the British Columbia Coast
  10. Wildlife and Oil and Gas


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