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Keystone XL in context: oilsands and environmental managementTwo decades of ineffective policies have left their mark on the Canadian landscape

Published Sept. 22, 2011 by Nathan Lemphers, Lindsay Fischer, Jennifer Grant

There is a growing debate in the United States about the environmental impact of oilsands and the related issue of whether there are effective legal and regulatory frameworks in place in Canada to address these impacts.

Filling the proposed KXL pipeline with oilsands will result in nearly a 50 per cent increase in oilsands production. Until environmental management of the oilsands is improved, KXL will cause significant environmental harm due to increased oilsands production.

This fact sheet provides a summary on the impact of oilsands development on land, species at risk, First Nations, water and tailings and greenhouse gases.

Download: Fact sheet | Briefing note

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