Pembina reacts to Ontario NDP green energy commitments

Aug. 11, 2011

TORONTO — Cherise Burda, Ontario policy director for the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to the Ontario NDP's Affordable Green Choices list of commitments:

"The list of platform policies released today by the Ontario NDP demonstrates that energy and environment are critical issues to Ontarians. In particular we are pleased to see the NDP commit to shutting coal plants, continuing with Ontario's leading Feed-in Tariff program and increasing the target for renewable energy another 5000 megawatts.

"Our research shows that cancelling the Green Energy Act would offer virtually no relief to Ontario's high electricity prices, and could actually cost ratepayers more in the long term — which means the best way for Ontarians to reduce their energy bills is through conservation and energy efficiency. The NDP's commitment to invest in conservation programs instead of building a new expensive nuclear facility is a choice that would have lasting benefits for Ontarians.

"Ontario has established itself as a renewable energy leader, creating thousands of jobs and a growing green energy economy. It is critical that the Ontario government continues to build on this success."



Cherise Burda
Ontario policy director



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