Buildings in British Columbia use a lot of energy. Better energy efficiency in our building stock would reduce pollution, conserve valuable resources, save money and create jobs.

With 35 per cent of B.C.’s community carbon pollution coming from buildings, improving the energy efficiency of our building stock is key to tackling climate change.

Greenest building industry

* Pembina

B.C. is positioned to have the greenest building industry and regulations in North America, with several local governments in the province successfully implementing and supporting high-performance building initiatives. A more concerted effort is needed across the province to bring all communities to the same level.

Through in-depth technical research and multi-stakeholder convening, the Pembina Institute is helping to share and standardize next and best high-performance building regulations across local governments and at the provincial level. This also helps provide better operating certainty to the building industry.

Our role

The Pembina Institute has been working with B.C. communities for several years. Our research and workshops cover a variety of topics including home-energy labelling, building code evolution, financing tools and more. Through our Green Building Leaders project, we’ve brought together local governments, developers, home-owners, real estate agents, contractors, utilities, environmental organizations, the provincial government and others to work collaboratively on the design and implementation of the best green building policies.

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