Video: CBC town hall discussion on Canada's energy future

Blog - April 18, 2011 - By Julia Kilpatrick

"Is Canada doing enough to ensure a sustainable energy future?"

That was the question of the day on a recent edition of CBC Power and Politics, which featured a town hall discussion on Canada's energy policy. It's an important question because, as host Evan Solomon notes, our energy choices have important implications both in the immediate context of a federal election, and for our economic prosperity and standard of living over the long term.

The Pembina Institute's Clare Demerse was part of that discussion, and in this video she explains why Canada's missing out on important opportunities in clean energy development, and how Canadians stand to benefit from the transition toward a more sustainable energy future.

The Pembina Institute's Clare Demerse participates in an environmental issues panel on CBC's Power and Politics.

Julia Kilpatrick

Julia oversees the Pembina Institute's communications department, including planning and strategy, media relations, audience engagement, and the development and delivery of the Institute’s many research publications and online resources.


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