Pembina Institute

Sources of Revenue

The majority of our revenue is project-specific and comes from two main areas: project grants and fee-for-service contracts. We do not receive direct core funding (i.e., to cover administration) from any source.

2013 sources of revenue

revenue 2013


Fee for Service

Revenue received under contractual agreements for completing research and advisory services. We continue to maintain our independence in our advocacy efforts to promote clean energy. Our clients neither fund nor dictate our public positions and activities.

Project Grants

Revenue received from granting agencies for completing specific projects. Pembina Institute currently does not receive core funding from any granting agency.

Event Sponsorships, Event Fees and Wind Power Referrals

Revenue and non-receipted gifts from sponsoring agencies to support the work of the Pembina Institute, participant event fees and revenues from the Pembina Institute’s Wind Power Referral program.

Rental and Interest Income

Revenues from rental sub-lease arrangements and interest from investments.

Unrestricted Individual Donations

Individual responses to direct mail appeal and other gifts from individuals.  

2013 expenses

expenses 2013


Hard costs including wages, wage costs and staff benefits for 38 FTE program staff, contractor services, travel, project materials and communications incurred to design, develop, deliver and manage our project work. 

Infrastructure and Administration

Overhead costs including staff, offices, telecommunications, staff development, accounting, IT and equipment incurred in the day-to-day operations of the organization.


Fundraising costs (comprised primarily of staff, contractor fees, event expenses, travel and technology) all shown in their respective categories in the Statement of Operations.

Financial reports

Detailed information, including a complete list of funders, is available each year in our annual financial reports.


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