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Sources of Revenue

sources of revenue

The majority of our revenue is project-specific and comes from two main areas: research and public education grants and fee-for-service contracts. Our funding comes from a variety of sources. We do not receive direct core funding (i.e., to cover administration) from any source.

Grants for environmental research and public education 

Grants from charitable and non-charitable organizations are directed to specific energy and environment research and outreach initiatives. For example, with the support of the George Cedric Metcalf Foundation, the Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education established an agreement with the Pembina Institute to deliver on a study examining options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the personal transportation sector in Ontario.

We also receive much-appreciated donations from individuals seeking to support specific environmental research and public education projects, and we are working to increase our individual major donor base to help us further diversify our revenue sources.

Fee-for-service contracts delivered to specific clients 

We compete for and deliver fee-for-service contracts for clients from a wide variety of sectors including industry (e.g., oil and gas, financial, renewable energy, real estate), government (municipalities; provincial and federal ministries and departments), First Nations groups and other community and environmental organizations.

This work is connected to Pembina's mission and forms part of the organization's strategy to progressively improve the environmental, social and economic performance of companies. It also ensures that the policy solutions we advocate are grounded in what is practical and achievable for government and industry. 

We continue to maintain our independence in our advocacy efforts to promote sustainable energy solutions. Our clients neither fund nor dictate our public positions and activities.

Other sources of funding

Other sources of funding are event sponsorships, annual donations, wind power referral fees and interest income.

A complete list of funders is available each year in our Annual Report.

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