*Building retrofit for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can reduce emissions, save money, create jobs and diversify the economy.

Alberta is currently the only jurisdiction in North America without energy efficiency programs. A 2014 study estimates that a 15-year energy conservation initiative in Alberta would result in:

  • $29 billion in energy savings
  • 176 Mt reduction in carbon pollution
  • $37 billion in GDP growth
  • 176,000 job-years created

These benefits are in addition to the energy conservation and efficiency improvements expected to happen naturally.

Recommended actions

To increase the benefits energy efficiency has to offer, it is necessary for the province to become more active in promoting energy efficiency. This includes:

  • Adopting minimum energy efficiency standards already in place in other jurisdictions but not yet implemented in Alberta
  • Creating new energy efficiency programs

Energy efficiency presents an opportunity to not only reduce emissions but also save money, create jobs and contribute to a more resilient and diverse economy.

Our role

The Pembina Institute undertakes a variety of energy efficiency-related activities in Alberta. This includes consulting services to municipalities and companies, as well as energy efficiency promotion and outreach as a member and critical part of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance.

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