The scale and complexity of Canada’s energy landscape requires engagement with stakeholders across the entire system. 

We offer custom-built consulting services grounded in rigorous technical expertise, life cycle and systems thinking, and a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian energy landscape.


We provide decision makers with the credible information and practical perspectives they need when making important decisions about energy and environmental policy, performance management and infrastructure. Our consulting expertise is underpinned by the Pembina Institute’s rigorous research and analysis capacity, as well as our exceptional insight into energy policy and stakeholder interests.

Policy analysis
We analyse environmental policy, strategy and performance management issues from the perspective of a non-partisan environmental NGO, and with the insight and expertise that come from three decades of front-lines engagement on energy and environmental challenges.

Technical analysis
We have decades of experience in life-cycle assessments of energy-related projects. We also apply our rigorous technical analysis to environmental performance comparisons and evaluations of technology and emissions reduction opportunities.

Strategic advice
We provide strategic advice on critical energy decisions, giving clients independent, real-world evaluation of their projects.

Our convening power on challenging energy issues is unparallelled in Canada. We create an environment that enables a mix of stakeholders to cultivate independent, collaborative and practical solutions.


Our partners in sustainability

Pembina Corporate Consulting clients

Working with businesses

Businesses play an important role in creating and implementing solutions that support Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy. 

We provide industry leaders with strategic advice and support to reduce energy and environmental impacts, achieve greater efficiencies and integrate sustainability issues and systems thinking in decision making and design.

We work with companies from a variety of sectors including oil and gas, clean tech, renewable energy, financial services and power production.

Working with communities

Local communities can influence and create effective bylaws, permits, regulations and policies to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We work extensively with municipalities and Aboriginal communities across Canada to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

We help identify energy goals and develop practical steps to ensure policies and programs shift communities toward clean energy. Our technical and economic analysis of clean energy technologies — combined with expertise evaluating the benefits of various policy options — allow us to make recommendations based on facts and experience.

Working with governments and regulators

Canada’s federal and provincial governments are integral stakeholders in this country’s transition to clean energy. Government regulations and laws have powerful impacts on clean energy production and consumption.

As the bridge between a diverse set of stakeholders, we engage in contract work to identify common solutions. The Pembina Institute advises and supports all levels of government on policy research, design and analysis as well as economic valuation, facilitation and outreach. 

Why we consult

30 yearsThe Pembina Institute has provided professional consulting services and expertise to corporate, community and government partners for nearly as long as we’ve been around — 30 years and counting.

These services are at the core of our uniqueness within the clean energy movement and our reputation for being “tough but fair”. Undertaking fee-for-service projects allows us to effectively design and implement clean energy solutions on the ground. Our work with a large variety of clients — including some unlikely allies — reinforces our independence and rigour by providing us with the knowledge, skills and relationships needed to credibly advocate for optimal environmental performance across the energy system.  



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