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Greening the Grid in Alberta

 Greening the Grid reportAlberta's growing demand for electricity can be entirely met by tapping into the province's vast renewable energy resources.

Pembina's analysis of green electricity scenarios clearly demonstrates Alberta has incredible potential to become a leader in green power production and energy efficiency and doesn't have to rely on dirty fuels.

From Brown to Green

Greening the Grid outlines two scenarios for meeting Alberta's electricity demand. The more aggressive "green scenario" shows how Alberta could move from 70 per cent coal to 70 per cent renewable energy in just 20 years.

Report | Fact Sheet | Media Release 

Pembina's Tim Weis, author of Greening the Grid, provides insight into how Alberta can become a leader in green power production and energy efficiency.

Making Renewable Energy a Priority

Renewable energy has the promise to become the energy power house of the 21st Century.

Feeding the Grid Renewably reportRenewable energy can create jobs and new industries, and improve air and water quality, energy security, access to energy, and community development. Meeting our future power demands is one of the first opportunities for rapid deployment of renewable energy.

The Pembina Institute has launched a series of primers and fact sheets that explain the policies and technologies that can bring this about. The first two are now available:

  • Feeding the Grid Renewably: Highlighting feed-in tariffs as a best practice for supporting renewable power. Primer | Fact Sheet
  • Storing Renewable Power: Describing how new power storage technologies allow variable renewable power sources like solar and wind to supply all our power needs. Primer

The Alliance for Renewable Energy campaign provides more information on promoting renewables through the use of feed in tariffs called renewable energy payments in the United States).


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