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A global transition to sustainable energy requires renewable energy and energy efficiency — solutions that are also realistic, affordable and profitable. Both also offer many environmental, economic and social benefits.

The Pembina Institute works to:

  • Support the use of renewable sources, maximize energy efficiency opportunities and reduce demand for both electricity and heating sources based on fossil fuels.
  • Support renewable energy and energy efficiency policy solutions in Canada.

Our work

See our recent renewable energy and recent energy efficiency related publications and get the Pembina Institute's perspective on the latest renewable energy and efficiency news by reviewing our RE and EE blogs and RE and EE op-eds.

PUBLICATION Home Energy Labelling

This fact sheet outlines the benefits of labelling homes with a rating of their energy efficiency. These benefits include rewarding energy efficiency, encouraging upgrades, improving health and comfort and creating jobs.

PUBLICATION Home Energy Labelling Requirement at Point of Sale: Pilot Program Design

This report outlines the policy design of a home energy labelling requirement at point of sale, for possible pilot implementation by local governments in B.C. 

PUBLICATION The High Costs of Cheap Power Pollution from coal-fired electricity in Canada

The combination of electricity sources — and therefore the qualities and characteristics of the electricity system — depend on where we live in the country.

PUBLICATION Edmonton’s Energy Transition Discussion Paper

Research and recommendations for an energy transition plan for the City of Edmonton.

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