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Human activities are forcing climate change at an extraordinary rate — with disastrous consequences if we fail to change course. Canada is the world's eighth largest emitter of the greenhouse gas pollution that causes climate change, and is ranked one of the worst performers in the developed world on climate policy and action. One of the most significant ways for Canada to do its fair share to slow climate change is to create an economy based on clean energy.

The Pembina Institute works to:

  • Develop comprehensive climate policy packages for Canada and Canadian provinces and territories that include pricing carbon, reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency.
  • Increase the relevance of climate change as an issue in the minds of Canadians and decision makers.
  • Monitor policy and business developments that have real implications for climate change.

Our work

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PUBLICATION UN climate negotiations in Doha, Qatar

This backgrounder outlines the Canadian context for the 18th Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, international climate change conference, taking place between November 26 and December 7, 2012 in Doha, Qatar.

PUBLICATION British Columbians’ Perspectives on Global Warming and the Carbon Tax Opinion poll

This backgrounder summarizes the polling results of over 1000 British Columbians' opinions on global warming and the carbon tax commissioned by the Pembina Institute and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and conducted by Strategic Communications Inc. in July of 2012.

PUBLICATION British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Exploring perspectives and seeking common ground

Results of interviews with sector representatives in B.C. over the impacts of the provincial carbon tax and its future design.

PUBLICATION The High Costs of Cheap Power Pollution from coal-fired electricity in Canada

The combination of electricity sources — and therefore the qualities and characteristics of the electricity system — depend on where we live in the country.

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